The Best Restaurants In Seattle


This is a restaurant that has everything you could want. There are different meals you can try out with reasonable prices. To have the best table at your disposal, you might want to make a reservation.


The prices are moderate when you compare the service and the quality of the food. This restaurant is probably one of the best ones in this city. Hope you will enjoy it.

The pink door

This one is an Italian restaurant. You can have other meals and dishes of course, but the accent is on the Italian cuisine. We recommend the lasagna here; it is delicious. Keep in mind that like in every restaurant it is a good idea to have a reservation to have the best table possible. We wish you a great time and a great meal.

The crumpet shop

If you like British cafes or you like something that has a more relaxed atmosphere without the sophisticated flavor, this is the place for you. Here, people are completely in a chill mood.

The pink door

You can order a coffee, and you can order a meal with it. A casual atmosphere if you are on a brake or you simply want to combine the meals you want to without the look.

Tilikum place café

This is probably the same thing as the previous one. This is a typical European café with food course. You can order pretty much anything, and you can combine it with things you like without the strange stare from those who have certain rules when eating meals.

This is the place for those people who enjoy a chill place to hang out and of course the atmosphere is wonderful.

Beecher’s handmade cheese

If you like cheese, you should check this one out. This is for those people who like cheese and different types of cheese. If you belong to that kind of people, you are in the right place. We know that you will love it here.