Public Transportation In Seattle

Bike sharing

If you want to have the best possible transport and the fastest one, we would always recommend a cab company. But let’s say, for example, you don’t want to use the cab. Is there any other public transportation in this city? Well for starters, you can always use Bike share service. That’s right! You can use bikes for your transport.

Bike sharing

Those people who want to be active and who want to learn something about this city from a more personal perspective should choose this option. It is not expensive; in fact, it is cheap. Probably the best option for those who want to be active and who don’t want to be bothered with a timetable of certain public transport.


This is very similar to a train. In fact, it is a train on one rail. If you want to travel fast and without any delays, the monorail is the way to go. Keep in mind that they don’t take credit cards so you might want to have some cash or try to use some different lines. People like trains and monorails because they are mush faster than buses and even cabs.


If you like the timetable or you simply want to have a line that will be there when the timetable says it will be, you should choose the bus line. Line 99 or route 99 is the route that is most popular in Seattle.

Sure you will walk for some time, but keep in mind that people who take the bus will usually have enough time to walk to their home.


This is the option for those people who don’t want to lose any time in public transport. Of course, taxies are more expensive than other types of transport.

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We understand the possible frustration you could have but keep in mind that the public transport is not that bad once you understand the system.


If you want to visit Seattle or you want to start living in Seattle, you should understand how the routes work, and of course, you need to understand how the public transportation works. It is not expensive, and you can plan the entire trip from place to place. This is a wonderful city and offers great things. It is a nice place to live and of course, you can meet some interesting people here.