Reasons I Adore the Seattle Life

Seattle, Washington is a Pacific Northwest city that’s known everywhere for its incredible beauty. I truly adore living in the metropolis as well. I have many good reasons for that. I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else on the planet. The weather is incredible in Seattle. I love the frequent rain and find it to be extremely soothing. Intense sunshine isn’t for me. Scorching hot temperatures just aren’t something I want in my daily life. I also appreciate the fact that Seattle winters never genuinely get out of hand. I could never imagine going back to living in snowy and frigid Madison, Wisconsin. Madison is without a doubt a beautiful place. It’s just not a place that’s a good fit for people who absolutely loathe shoveling snow.

Why else do I love living in Seattle? Bustling downtown Seattle has everything. It has some of the most appetizing fresh seafood options on the planet. If you like shrimp, fish, crab and everything in between, you certainly won’t go hungry in The Emerald City. Seattle is also a great destination for coffee lovers. If you’re the type of person who feels cranky until you get your morning caffeine fix, you won’t have any issues in Seattle. The choices in coffee shops run the gamut. They’re not just chains as well. Cozy “mom and pop” coffee shops also abound in the city.

Seattle has a music scene that’s the stuff of legend at this point. It’s no secret to anyone that grunge rock originated in Seattle back in the early nineties. It’s also no secret that the city has a magnificent live music scene to this day. I can go out on any night of the week and catch a local act that completely knocks my socks off. These bands don’t just perform indie rock tunes, either. They perform music of all genres. I’ve caught some highly impressive soul, jazz and even electro performers gracing the stages.

The people who live in Seattle also happen to be some of the warmest and most welcoming folks around. I’ve been to many of the biggest cities on the planet. Some of the people on the streets will barely look you in the eye as they pass you. People in Seattle, however, are nothing like that. You don’t have to hesitate to ask people for directions in Seattle. They’re always delighted to lend others helping hands.

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